Cristian Nozzi

03/13/2023, 10:26 AM
Create your Marketing Mix Model (MMM) in 5 Minutes for FREE and train it in Cloud
Hello guys! In Cassandra we have just built a complete Marketing Mix Models Builder that is currently 100% Free and requires NO credit card to be used! The only thing you’ll have to worry about it getting your dataset ready (automated Data Pipelines are still for Paid Users Only) and then we’ll handle literally everything else. Click on this link, check the intro video and then start right away: Get Started for Free For those who don’t know what MMMs are: it’s basically your best shot at optimizing your ROI/CPO after the Cookie Apocalypse. In more seriousness here’s a playlist on our Youtube Channel where you can learn more (in a non-technical way) about it:

Learn everything about MMM

We’d love to learn all about your experience as well as help you in case you face any issue so if you want here’s the Slack Channel dedicated to both getting support and sharing feedbacks: Join us in Slack P.S. It will not always be free, we are just beta-testing it so hurry up until it’s still available!