Hilary Torn

03/17/2023, 8:25 AM
Hi All! I'm a part of a lot of slack groups, but so far this one has been my favorite! Maybe because it is still small? Maybe because it is JUST about growth marketing. Whatever the reason, I'm glad I'm here! A bit about me. 20+ years experience working with entrepreneurs, 12+ years in marketing, 5+ in Growth. I've worked for too many start ups the last 5 years, seeing how to do everything wrong. And now I'm working as a fractional Head of Growth and I'm ready to start my own founder journey. In the process of writing down the plan of attack I have in my head and interviewing team members to join me on this crazy, currently part time but one day full time, adventure. Stay tuned. I'll share more as I am able to concisely say what is in my head. I'm so excited though because with all I know, I know the journey will be hard but not impossible. And now that I know the top mistakes that start ups make (and the same ones over and over again), I know to avoid them! I'm posting regularly on LinkedIn. So if you like that space, please connect with me there too!
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Schalk Neethling

03/17/2023, 8:28 AM
I am looking forward to following your journey. Good luck, you got this 🙌
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German Attanasio

03/17/2023, 7:30 PM
Good luck Hilary!
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Inder Raj Singh Virdi

03/18/2023, 6:18 AM
Looking forward to following your journey @Hilary Torn
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