I and other industry experts got together to final...
# share-what-you-are-working-on
I and other industry experts got together to finally standardize SaaS. Every company seems to have a different understanding of what an MQL is... or how to calculate a churn rate. That's why we started building SaaS standards with a community through an open-source approach. Additionally, we are sharing our knowledge through meetups and an open source Wiki. The community is called the Open SaaS Institute. I thought of all of us when they asked me if I knew people who should be part of this. Let me know if you're interested. 🎧 OSI Sign Up Form
I might be. I'm seeing this issue too, and I'm a big fan of open source. Though I'm more focused on PLG and self serve SaaS (so generally don't use MQLs, I see that as a Sales term)
@Hilary Torn Fab! The group is looking to work on a broad set of standards and processes, not just marketing and Sales. Join us. You won't get spammed. We collab via Slack and have super interactive virtual meet ups 1 or 2 a quarter. Give it a try.