Sohrab Hosseini

03/19/2023, 10:19 PM
Good morning all, we recently launched stable V1 version of Orquesta is a no-code business rules and remote configuration platform. We empower product teams to decouple business logic from code and traditional release cycles. Companies that will benefit most are multi-market/multi-business software landscapes and/or startups that need to be scalable. I'm reaching out to the community for 2 requests: - Would like to do a non-sales interview with CTO/CPO/Head of Engineering/Head of Product roles to understand pain points better for our messaging - Would love to partner up with some of you for joint problem-solving sessions with specific use cases you may have in your product. Early access to the platform is available for the community as well, just request it there. Feel free to reach out directly or on LinkedIn:
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