Shelby Stephens

03/22/2023, 3:45 PM
Having taught a bunch of founders at Techstars and elsewhere our process for studying customers and creating products they want to buy, I finally made time to write it down. This process can be used by growth or product teams at any stage: from early stage and trying to build the right product; to mid-stage and trying to improve growth, sales or product engagement numbers; to later stage and trying to find new market opportunities. I don't purport this is the world's best process, but at least it's a process. It's been helpful for us and other founders we've taught, so hopefully this guide helps a few more founders, entrepreneurs, growth pros, etc. out there. This is also super helpful for anyone who wants to sell services. Successfully selling services is fundamentally a product design challenge, or perhaps more like an "offering" design challenge, and you can use this same process to address that challenge.
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