Hey folks, Looking for quick feedback/roast on th...
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Hey folks, Looking for quick feedback/roast on the follow-up email sent to users who signed up for our app but didn’t start the paid subscription. The email is sent 24 hours after account creation. The current design has a very low click rate - any suggestions on how to improve it?
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Its not telling the user what they are missing out on. Just social proof alone wont do it
Its also quite heavy. You may want to change the design or paraphrase parts of the reviews
By not upgrading what are the things I am missing out on.
Also check technical. Is your email setup properly and you are not going to spam?
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Great product. What do they stand to get after the subscription? I think there's a need to emphasize on what they are missing for not doing the subscription. Great product btw. I like the simplicity in your design.
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Thanks for the feedback. We have a hard paywall, so the purpose of the email is to convince them to try out the app for one month