Samuel Su

04/23/2023, 10:46 PM
Hi everyone, does anyone have connections to health providers and can get my product introduced ? I have developed AI notebooks for health providers that allow for the generation of clinic plans with just one-line descriptions of symptoms, powered by our AI diagnosis tool within the Medical Chat platform. By inputting a brief description of a patient's symptoms, our tool can quickly generate a detailed differential diagnosis plan, along with patient education and information on relevant medications. In addition to AI diagnose, we offer a specialized chatbot in the medication domain, following the chatGPT model. Our platform also supports sharing clinic plans with the community for knowledge-sharing purposes. My goal is to enhance the productivity of healthcare providers through these efforts. All of those clinics plans here are generated by AI with only a line of symptoms : Here are 3 demo videos to show how the product works: Get Instant Medical Answer :

Generate Clinic Plans Promptly:

Save, Edit And Share Clinic Plans With The Community:

If you can, please support me in Product Hunt as well: