Many people who claim to be "PPC Pros" believe tha...
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Many people who claim to be "PPC Pros" believe that quality scores and ad quality are not worth optimizing for. However, I challenge you to test this hypothesis with the following steps: 1. Navigate to your Search Campaigns and go to the Ads section. 2. Include the standard columns such as impressions, clicks, cost, conversions, and conversion value. 3. Download the data. 4. Create a pivot table with "ad strength" as the rows and the metrics as the columns. 5. Analyze how much of your ad spend is going to ads with "poor" ratings from Google and compare it to the CPCs on ads rated "good." I can bet that the CPCs on "poor" rated ads are higher and the ROAS is lower compared to "good" rated ads. As an expert PPC professional, it's important to optimize for ad quality and quality scores in order to maximize your ad spend and ROI.