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Making LinkedIn Network Booster for Job seekers I'm a laid-off Product Manager actively applying for a job. I've been applying a lot lately through different Job search portals but the process is very tiring and de motivational! It seems that the chances for my applications with CV to be recognised by different ATS's becoming less likely)) As a Growth hacker by nature I am thinking about how to change the way job landing interviews and making it more efficient and effective. I was looking into it and I found this article ( which informed me that there are a plenty of LinkedIn automation tools which might be used for job hunters for more active and aggressive job searching while expending your LinkedIn contact list as well. So why not automate my side of things the same way? It seems that networking and social recruiting becoming is more and more important. And also as I heard referral recommendations in recruiting process are the most effective and widespread manner among HR-professionals. Whats your opinion, is it worth the effort to make a such LinkedIn Network Booster for Job seekers - like a new automated job searching way on LinkedIn to turn personal connections into career opportunities! I'd just like to thank everyone who responded to this post. All of the feedback is greatly appreciated. There are good points made for and against the tool idea. Once I have substantial work done I will post a link to the GitHub Repo so that those who wish to volunteer will have a chance to collaborate or fork the code.
Nice find. You're gonna land on your feet!