# share-what-you-are-working-on

Erwan Gauthier

05/03/2023, 7:47 AM
👋🏻 you’ve been a massive support for our previous Product Hunt launch and and here we are again! We just launch the Intelligent CRM, just that. We began by creating a highly customizable CRM enables you to customize and populate with the correct contact data in seconds rather than months. We're now taking things a step further by incorporating a layer of intelligence. This includes auto-enrichment, auto-deduplication, AI-based field generation, auto-contact suggestion, and much more. Of course your upvote will be massively appreciated by the team and I : Happy to have feedbacks too, thanks a lot!

Jesús Antonio Vizcaíno Jiménez

05/30/2023, 2:38 PM
I’m in, it looks good!