Hey all- hope you all are doing well. (While I sc...
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Hey all- hope you all are doing well. (While I scaled our creative agency to 122 B2B SaaS customers,) I built an account research platform ‘Intently’ that helped me build and maintain my ideal accounts list. It’s not just a database but is refreshed weekly for unique intent signals such as hiring by role, website traffic, offer, content, etc. Also includes traditional ones like funding, technographic, etc. Intently - How it works Watch Video I think it can help other sales/marketing teams with such custom signals. Thinking of spinning it off into a separate product. Can you take a peek at this and be my devil’s advocate? Beta testing link: https://intently.contentbeta.com/projects/join/1a373da1b934446cbd3cb9a6a986b5f9