Any FINTECH entrepreneurs, thought leaders, or fou...
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Any FINTECH entrepreneurs, thought leaders, or founders with a community looking for their own private labeled app? Plankk hosts your, and only your: content, advice, classes, webinars, sponsorships, product plugs, announcements messaging, audience, social, engagement? • less than 12k to dev and 30 day turn around • CSM for you and end user • Full time launch specialist • Custom webpage ahead of launch and pre-launch marketing emails • All changes will be made by us so you can focus on growing audience - aka no mistakes • We also input your content weekly for you • We can also produce and film your content Basically a just a YOU one stop shop. Can show you an example app, DM me or email me If you know anyone who might be interested please pass along - we work with influencers as well. BTW website is really fitness focused because that was our first niche, but we're expanding out, same concept, industry agnostic.
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