Sandip Acharyya

05/08/2023, 10:54 PM
Last year, when I officially launched my venture BrandNuclei, I was unsure how much it would work out. I planned to slowly phase my job out and make BN my sole focus. Initial excitement and apprehension later aside, yesterday, as I was recalculating my earning, I was pretty surprised to see that I made a not-so-bad $1700 (after taxes and other payments) in the last 6-8 months (especially since I was working at a firm) providing content and digital marketing services to my clients. So, now I am working on crossing the $10000 mark in the next six months. Let's see how that pans out. P.S. If you are looking to hire an agency to take care of your digital needs, please feel free to reach out. Cheers to all the people here.