Hi, I am Charles from PicCollage. We are currently...
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Hi, I am Charles from PicCollage. We are currently developing an online event platform called MixerChat, aiming to help everyone simplify the process of hosting events and create a realistic experience similar to hosting events in physical spaces. For example: group discussions, countdown timers, and full-channel broadcasts, etc. At present, MixerChat is completely free and without any restrictions. It can be used for lectures, seminars, workshops, and even parties, as well as internal meetings, 1-1 meetings, or general assemblies. We welcome anyone interested to give it a try. If you have any questions or suggestions while using it, feel free to join our Discord product community and give us feedback at any time. You are also welcome to share your event information there. https://mixerchat.com If you have experience hosting online events, you are also welcome to join our approximately 30-minute Product Demo. During the process, we will conduct it remotely, and we look forward to understanding some of your past experiences and insights to help us create a better product. If you are interested, please click the link below and choose a convenient time slot to participate, and you will receive a meeting invitation. https://app.simplymeet.me/mixerchat/product-demo