05/11/2023, 5:41 PM
Bunch of us spent the last 2 years studying how Shopify brands build great sales machines. It calls for a combination of efforts to: 1. Increase customer loyalty, reduce bounce rates, & drive more revenue. 2. Optimize your marketing across channels like email, SMS, ads, & forms for better engagement & conversions constantly. 3. Arrive at data-driven solutions in real-time to catch any revenue. Excited to launch Moda on product hunt today. Moda is a AI-powered ecommerce growth platform that simplifies your marketing efforts and helps you achieve your business goals effortlessly. With Moda, you can 💰Drive owned channel revenue to 40% of total revenue 💯Increase conversions by 3.5X with personalization 🚀Speed up your marketing workflows by 70% 😎 Would love for you all to check it out & share your feedback -