Exciting news <!everyone> ! We're launching a pro...
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Exciting news <!everyone> ! We're launching a program that's going to revolutionize how you approach product launches. šŸš€ We've dedicated 2000+ hours of work, drawing from our experience with 500+ startups worldwide. We'll guide you through growth stages and provide step-by-step playbooks for all skill levels. No experience required. Throughout the program you will learn: ā€¢ how to identify your target audience ā€¢ product-market fit validation ā€¢ killer launch strategies ā€¢ how to leverage AI tools like ChatGPT to enhance your research, competitor analysis, and copywriting efforts. By the end, you'll have the skills for a successful launch, AI-enhanced marketing, and long-term growth. šŸ“¢ Join our AMA session on 30.05.2023 with one of our co-founders for more info and stay tuned for enrollment details! Cheers, Joana āœŒļø
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