Hello, I'm Rakshit shah, Founder and director at W...
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Hello, I'm Rakshit shah, Founder and director at WorkerBees technologies pvt ltd company. I'm software engineer, working with IT industries since last 6 years! We just launched a new SaaS based startup by name Digitalworkerbees.com, which is India based startup. We are inspired with honeycomb, honeybees, their working nature, seeker and solver bees, pollens etc ... (So we gave the same outlook to the website) Let me give you some introduction about the product. How it works! It is like a marketplace, which connects businesses and individuals to tons of on-demand virtual workforce. It is like a customized job portal made for micro tasks. There are 2 types of work can be done 1. If you have some micro task requirements, just post a job by targetting your audience geolocation wise, instruct workers about what do you want them to do! And also ask for some proofs to ensure they completed your task correctly. 2. You can work on the listed jobs (micro tasks) by other users, complete the task with honesty and submit the proofs! In your spare time, you can make real bucks by working on others tasks. It’s a win-win situation because you get to earn some extra cash while helping other businesses grow! Regarding marketing objectives: After a launch with good SEO strategy we got 250+ users on the platform, but we are looking some people who want to post a job on the marketplace, so others can work on their task, and generate revenue by their time and efforts. Right now we have 16-17 people who invested in the platform to get their work done with our splendid workforce. We need a lead from the people, to get more work on the platform. I'm working on this part!
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