Hack Angel

07/27/2022, 9:28 AM
Greetings, Hi, Iā€™m Michael from Beepo. My team and I are revolutionalizing the industry of data and censorship through social media by creating a system of Autonomous, decentralized, and privacy-focused ecosystems. This project is called Beepo. Beepo integrates the new age E2EE security and Blockchain technology to provide a secure decentralized ecosystem for its users. OUR USP: 1. Multichain support - Beepo integrated blockchain wallet allows us to stay ahead of the competition as it supports up to 5 widely used blockchains with huge communities, therefore, providing ease of use for every crypto enthusiast from various Blockchain Industries. 2. API - Beepo APIs can be integrated into third-party centralized/web2 existing social media such as the Meta Apps (Facebook) and others. This would allow users from these existing platforms easily make crypto transactions 3. In chat transactions - Beepo allows its users to make quick transactions directly from the dm without switching to the wallet section 4. E-commerce - Beepo also integrates a professional feature for small-scale business owners which allows them to create a sales catalog that they display and sell products easily. 5. Decentralized and Autonomous - Beepo is designed to be fully decentralized and fully autonomous therefore we're integrating AI and ML Algorithms into our system that'll handle Censorship and moderation thus protecting users from cyber bullies and also eliminating child pornography or any provoking content that may promote Terrorism, Rape, trafficking or whatsoever is deemed inhumane and illegal in order to keep the community safe. Beepo is trying to solve 1. Privacy issues around social media usage: The vast stockpiles of personal data that social media platforms gather and hold are susceptible to hacking, scraping, and data breaches, the at-risk data might include location information, health information, religious identification, sexual orientation, face recognition imaging, private communications, and personal photographs, among others. 2. Biased and Centralised Censorship: The regulatory ideas for social media and technology companies are motivated by political concerns. Since they are based on the choice of a private organization or government body and not that of the broader people, these restrictions on free expression are often seen to be prejudiced. 3. Complexity: Making crypto-based and cross-border transaction is very complex for people who are eventually new to the system and how it works, the need to use multiple crypto wallets to execute specific tasks and the complexity of handling certain crypto wallets increases the chances of making errors in transactions. We currently have 16k+ Waitlist Applicants and positive reviews prior to our BETA Version launch which has been set to the Q4 of 2022. Here are links to some of our documentation and Social Presence for your assessment; Website: Pitch Deck: Product Hunt: F6s: VC4A: LinkedIn: Twitter:
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Joana Donkova

07/27/2022, 10:59 AM
Welcome @Hack Angel šŸš€
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