# ask-a-growth-question

Brandon Dawson

08/02/2022, 2:25 PM
Is it just me, or does this whole Slack group seem to be lacking actual discussion? Most of this group was spam-added a while back and it while it grew quickly, there's really not much meat on the bone here. Mostly just people sharing their product or themselves, and really just hoping to gain a tiny bit more traction by doing so lol. I see far less actual conversation taking place here than in other Slack groups.

Zevi Reinitz

08/02/2022, 2:56 PM
My experience has been different. I've actually gotten far more meaningful response and help from folks on this group than almost any other marketing group I'm a part of. I think it helps to either ask a very specific question that people can reply to and refer to, or to share something specific that others can benefit from

Brandon Dawson

08/02/2022, 3:21 PM
Yeah I think maybe that's the trick here, is that it really does have to be specific. That said, why not channels dedicated to some specifics, so that people can be vague within them? Example, email marketing, paid search, paid display, etc

Jackson Griese

08/02/2022, 5:41 PM
Yeah I think this channel has been decent so far, although I will say all the other channels aren't really worth while except for this one. What other slack groups are you in that are very active?

Brandon Dawson

08/02/2022, 8:48 PM
I'm in a few ad tech groups as that's ACTUALLY my background lol. Not so much marketing anymore these days

Marc Spear

08/03/2022, 9:59 AM
Would be interested to know of the other groups if you're happy to share?

Brandon Dawson

08/03/2022, 7:47 PM
For ad tech? @Marc Spear