Hey, I need help. I am doing marketing for a repai...
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Hey, I need help. I am doing marketing for a repair management software, which is heavily focused on US market since it started. It's a leading brand in the niche. Now, the company wants to foray into other markets like UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa. But before investing much on marketing and software development side, they want to see whether we get any traction from these countries or not. If yes, then they will spend on software development to tweak it for this market. Any ideas, how can I validate the market for the company? It's my 7 month in this field and has taken up this project 🙂 Thanks in advance
Get Google my Business data, LinkedIn and Apollo data of companies most likely to use your Software. Send cold emails to validate demand and understand whether or not there is something there. Set a threshold of minimum number of clients you can get before you can call it success and present that learning to your management