This week our founder Rishabh Bhandari appeared as...
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This week our founder Rishabh Bhandari appeared as a guest on ‘Between Product & Partnerships Podcast’ hosted by the wonderful Elizabeth Garcia, Product Marketing Associate, Pandium and Community Manager, SaaS Ecosystem Alliance, to talk about Content Marketing for B2B SaaS & Tech Partnerships, the Gaps and Best Practices👨‍💻 Tune in to hear as Rish shed light on: Gaps he's currently noticing in B2B SaaS marketing today. How SaaS companies can ensure that their content marketing not only educates potential customers, but translates into more conversions, sales, and higher product adoption. The type of content that B2B SaaS companies can leverage for marketing technology partnerships and integrations - whether they're marketing their ecosystem platform or relationship with other platforms. :radio: Be sure to check out this valuable session: