HELLO :wave: I'm Eyad, the creator of <https://ac...
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HELLO 👋 I'm Eyad, the creator of https://accrufy.com a FREE web-based accounting software for small businesses! 🔥 We started Accrufy when we were doing freelance work and realized how complicated (and expensive) it is to create professional-looking invoices and estimates and keeping our financials organized! Accrufy follows top accounting standards without you having to be a certified accountant to use it. everything is intuitive and easy for anyone to use! I would love your support and feedback! 🤩
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That's awesome! Welcome to the group!
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Welcome to the community @Eyad ! 🎉 If you know someone who might find this useful, request an invite!
@Joana Donkova will do! thank you 🙂