Agency question - What tooling do people use to r...
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Agency question - What tooling do people use to run their agencies? Does anyone have anything like an Agency OS or one god tool that does most of the heavy lifting? Right now we've got separate tooling for: PM Time tracking Wiki Accounting OPs CRM Would love to hear what way people are structured beyond the gsuite and slack basics.
I think you can use notion as a replacement for some of these tasks
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These are some tools I’ve used in the past: jira asana quickbooks I assume ops mean billing, etc -> stripe hubspot
s is worth looking at
I can recommend Asana and Notion
Right now we're using: PM: Jira - which I hate. It's overkill. The devs hate it. Tracking, workload - clockify, not too many complaints there Wiki - moving towards notion for this, so per client repo with project breakdowns and meeting notes OPs - Google docs and sheets. For contracts, pricing, cashflow CRM - trying out hubspot Finance - moving to Xero Anything in these areas would be interesting: Client portal Project wiki Workflow automation Create new project Finish project Create monthly project
For 100% sure, check out Zoho ( and see if it works for you. I use it and am a fanatic about it. Zoho One is $45/month per seat. Best deal of the century with all the modules it has. I really like the CRM and I've used a billion of them. Has integrated accounting. Has integrated docs and sheets. Contracts. Customer service app. Project management. Workflow automation. Nocode app development for internal use, and use a language called Deluge for programming. Client portals exist for modules - not sure what you are looking for specifically. Lots of apps you can link to, like Zapier. Let me know if you have any questions, but for sure look at it.