Hello <!channel>. We are bringing back the questi...
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Hello <!channel>. We are bringing back the question poll of the week. Todays questions is: What is the most challenging aspect of growing your business 1️⃣*Marketing and Sales* 2️⃣*Getting an Investment (Funding)* 3️⃣*Finding good employees* 4️⃣*Financial Management* 5️⃣*Dealing with an unexpected external problem* 6️⃣*Setting up the right system (Documentation, policies and procedures)* 7️⃣*Other* Please share your thoughts on how you should approach any of these challenges, as well as how you have dealt with them personally. (Write in thread).
2️⃣ 4
3️⃣ 5
4️⃣ 1
5️⃣ 2
7️⃣ 3
6️⃣ 3
1️⃣ 27
I’d be interested to know what the split would look like if marketing and sales had been split-out into two entries here.
Actually I was thinking of separating them @Jaymie, but the more I think about it the more I think that both are connected and can't be separated. In other words one without the other can't exist in my opinion.
I'm not surprised that marketing and sales got all the "votes" but I think that finding the right employees is also very very challenging.
@Stefan Despotovski I hear what you’re saying and yes, they are are connected but people may struggle with one and not the other. For example, you may have great salespeople, but struggle with the positioning of the product or services. I suppose ultimately it depends what the next steps are with the question responses - are they purely for information, like a state of the nation, or is it to help plan future webinars and events?
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