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VOTE NOW for our SXSW panel “_*Til DeathTech Do Part: Building Products that Care*_” Empathy is a core value here at The Postage, while we embrace navigating hard topics every day, we recognize that it’s not always easy. The Postage is on a mission to change that and make it easier for all families. ❤️ At SXSW, our idea with this panel is to bring to light the opportunity for financial institutions (FI’s) to do the same, through products that care. I will speak alongside Carl Kessler of Civita Bank, Amber Buker of Totem Technologies, and Jason Henrichs of Alloy Labs Alliance, will explore: • The value of empathy in today’s world and how FI’s are starting to lean into empathy as an asset • How FI’s can use empathy-driven technology to create highly personalized experiences for your customers, and where to start. • The technology FI’s are using today and what could be coming that will create stronger bonds and position FI’s as cornerstones in their communities. Every vote and share counts. We are grateful for your support and can’t wait to share this discussion with you at SXSW and beyond!