Reuben Swartz

08/22/2022, 4:07 PM
hello, folks. I created Mimiran (, a fun, “anti-CRM” for independent consultants who love serving clients, but hate “selling”. It’s the CRM I wish I’d had when (ironically enough) I was a sales and marketing consultant for the Fortune 500, and I was struggling to use Salesforce and other enterprise-y tools that are designed for the VP of Sales to keep track of a sales team, instead of a consultant to nurture relationships. I’m also the host of the Sales for Nerds podcast.
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Joana Donkova

08/23/2022, 1:02 PM
Hey @Reuben Swartz , welcome! 🙌 Feel free to message me if you want to invite someone who could benefit from the community!
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Volodymyr Hlukhovskyi

08/26/2022, 9:04 PM
@Reuben Swartz welcome! It's an interesting anti-CRM concept. I'd love to feature you and your product on the SaaS Insiders Podcast (SaaS founders and SaaS VCs audience), to share a stage with me and tell your story to the audience.
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