- Have you ever launched a Black Friday campaign f...
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• Have you ever launched a Black Friday campaign for your SaaS business? • Was it a success, or did you make quite a few mistakes along the road? • What could be improved, and where did you excel? • When did you start preparation? • Are you planning to do it again in 2022, or will you stay away from Black Friday altogether? I’m looking for expert comments about SaaS Black Friday. Please send your insights (150 words max) along with your name, position, email, company, and website you’d like me to link to. The article will be published on brainybe.es and distributed on social media. This time, I’m only looking for SaaS in-house marketers/founders – please don’t message if you run an agency or work in another industry as I want to focus purely on the SaaS perspective in this piece of content. Thank you in advance for your time and answers. • If your quote is chosen for the article, you will be notified via email – please provide the best email address to reach you.