Mark W

08/25/2022, 9:21 AM
Good morning everyone! I’ve been around for a week or two already, but as I was on holiday I did lurk around 🕵️ - but haven’t introduced myself yet. First thing - thanks for the invitation! I’ve already read so much useful content already. About me - after 20+ years of a corporate IT career, I switched to startup life. My real passion is for growing and developing people. As a result, I’m now building out, where we hire, train & develop offshore talent - to accelerate businesses in the EU and North America. Our vision is to build a world with equal opportunities to work across the globe. My strength is execution - hiring & building a team, management, financials, etc. And to be honest - I have little to no marketing & sales experience. I guess it’s time to bite that bullet now - so very happy to be here!
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Joana Donkova

08/29/2022, 10:38 AM
Welcome to the community @Mark W! 🚀 If you know someone who might find this useful, request an invite!

Mark W

08/30/2022, 7:41 AM
Thanks @Joana Donkova - I will!