Hello everyone, from your experience, how to find ...
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Hello everyone, from your experience, how to find an early adopter? first ever users for our startup
Hey Kiril, from my experience the first thing you need is to just talk to your target customers and ask them for feedback.
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See if they are even interested in becoming your early adopter, if they give you positive feedback and love what you doing, it will be easy for you to get them as your early adopters
I terms of how you can get to them, depends on what your target market.
that's the problem, my target audience is the people that buy stuff on G2A for example... but we dont get any respond from them or companies alike them
i mean, G2A have to implement our product into their workflow in order to let their users to pay with a new payment method we offer.
which is paying for services and products by mining of crypto currency directly to the providers wallet
What’s your product about? @Kiril Yoanidi
By what you wrote here it looks like you have 2 sets of target customers, platforms like G2А and people that will use them. If you need to validate your product to even get tin G2A it might be best to target similar smaller platforms that might give you a shot. Also, if there are any competitors doing what you’re doing, use their success as proof to get your foot throughout the door
Hi @Tina, appreciate your answer! we dont have direct competition but there are 2 big platforms that lets people buy stuff via crypto mining (salad.io and gamerhash)... we just giving the option to every one take the same payment method as they are doing alot of years... The question is how can i use their success as a proof? to send cold emails and write about them as a success? make posts in our twitter about them? what should we do 🙂 thanks in advance
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First you’d need to figure out what your competitive advantage is (or should be). If it’s the price or the cut you take, you can pitch your product by mentioning a competitor and how you compare. Maybe keep it to email tho, tweeting about how you compare is begging for criticism.
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