How’s everyone doing today? :D I'm Maddie (ex-Stan...
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How’s everyone doing today? :D I'm Maddie (ex-Stanford, made $180k from past community projects) *Building Founders Cafe * Here you'll co-work alongside founders from Stanford, YC. a16z, & more. Email me to fast track your app!
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Seems very interesting what you are building! good job. will register 🙌
This is such an interesting project Maddie. I feel like we need more clubs like these 😄 Also, your blog photos are hilarious! I’m not necessarily your target group, but I do hang with them (it’s my job to). I can see how they would be interested in something like this, if for nothing else just the moral support from other founder knee deep in founder problems 😄 Good luck! P.S. I’m curious, do you have plans to scale?