Hi, hope everyone is doing fine. My team and I at ...
# share-what-you-are-working-on
Hi, hope everyone is doing fine. My team and I at YouFi ([www.youfi.io](https://www.youfi.io/)) are currently developing a social financial platform and we need people like you to test the pre-alpha prototype of the platform. We are creating a platform that allows the members to analyse, invest and budget finances via customisable widgets on their personal finance dashboard. Our platforms community also has access to feedback from trusted mentors as well as the opportunity to interact with fellow friends that share the same interests on the social dashboard. If you are interested in helping with the project by testing the Pre-Alpha prototype, we have created a short questionnaire for screening purposes: [https://forms.gle/iWZz6r95z4VX8DQKA](https://forms.gle/iWZz6r95z4VX8DQKA) We will be notified when you complete the form and will be in touch to arrange a date and time for the test. For any questions, You can message me on here or email me at dominik@youfi.io or the YouFi Team at hello@youfi.io. Thank you guys P.s love ya