Dear Community, Thank you for all your support an...
# share-what-you-are-working-on
Dear Community, Thank you for all your support and feedback over the last 3 months. We have learnt many things about our audience, product, expectations directly and indirectly with your feedback. (Thanks for being honest and genuine 🙏) What’s coming? • Fully updated UI/UX • Better page and content indexing • More content on Startup Financial Modelling, GTM Plan and Idea to Early stage pitch deck template • Startup Jargon cards • Updated price (Increasing in 1-2 weeks) • Super friendly mobile UI (Optimised ground up) • + Many more enhancement Note: All features and updates are completely based on our early customer’s feedback (rough and straight) Grab the deal - We are also offering 50% as Black Friday deal. Use code “BLKFRI50” to receive 50% + Lifetime access. Prices increasing soon! Redeem at: Thank you again 🙏