Hey everyone  I am trying to create AI models that...
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Hey everyone  I am trying to create AI models that give - 1. probability of opening an email   2. probability of replying to the email  3. what exactly to improve in an email to increase chances of reply and open rate.  At our company, we have been sending cold emails for the last 4 years. We have experimented with over 1000+ templates.  Now I am looking for more data, specifically the email subject lines, body of the email, whether person opened or not and replied or not.  More the data, better my models. In return, I am happy to give you access to our beta product for free. Please dm me if you have been collecting this data in CRM for a while and can share with me. I don't need info of whom you sent out to, location or any other personally identifiable info.   Right now this is how it looks, the AI models tell the probability of reply and then the variables in the blue bar, a user needs to work on them.  P.S. - It is still in the early phase.