Hi folks, It's nice to connect with you. Thanks to...
# introduce-yourself
Hi folks, It's nice to connect with you. Thanks to Admin for letting me in. I am Ashwin, Co-Founder & CEO of CustomFit.ai (https://customfit.ai) - a simple, lightweight no-code chrome extension website editor built for the sales and marketers to customize the website content and generate shareable links to showcase the right value proposition to the targeted prospects. What brings me to this group? Simple, I want to explore more on Growth. Engage with the folks here to learn mutually. What's something you won't find easily on the internet about you? I know 5 languages. What can folks reach out to you for? Anything related to personalization, A/B testing, conversion rate improvement, visitor analytics queries. Anything related to product scaling from the tech side. At CustomFit.ai, we use many technologies meant for load handling, flat scaling, high availability, etc. Happy to share our learning.