Hello everyone, Happy to share that my startup Va...
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Hello everyone, Happy to share that my startup Vaqat has launched! Vaqat is a freelance marketplace, where all freelancers are students from top universities. Your team can get an intern for a few hours / days / weeks, the student gains experience (and makes some money), while your company recruiter identifies top prospective candidates for summer internships / graduate roles. In the first month we've connected companies from US, UK, Singapore, Dubai, Canada and Jordan with students across the world. If you ever need some extra support from junior talent from UCL, Imperial, LBS, Oxford, IE University, American University of Beirut, NYU Abu Dhabi, UC Berkeley and more (most is UK based), check our the key information in the leaflet I'm attaching. Many of these students have job offers at top consulting firms, tech giants and well-funded startups after graduation, and with Vaqat you can use them for your ad-hoc tasks (from a few hours to a few months). For them, it's an opportunity to get more experience and to explore new careers, and perhaps find a job they would love. 🙂 You can read more at vaqat.com or just DM me!