<@U01MRR7PC86> Yeah, I’m referring to inside the F...
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@Steve Procter Yeah, I’m referring to inside the FB Ads Manager tool where you select your “Detailed Targeting” (see screenshot). You can search some terms and it will give you suggestions and show the audience size. (You can also exclude terms as well to try and cut out people that may overlap with your targeting but be the wrong customer). Also once you’ve loaded in a handful of terms you can click on “suggestions” and the tool will suggest other terms that it thinks are close to your terms and you can decide to use them if you like. If her main CTA is to schedule the call, then she wants the “Conversion Action” to be clicking that button that takes the person to the Calendly link. At first it should be just that click, later, if she is getting lots of calls booked she can switch to the conversion being actually scheduling the call (many people will click the link/button but not follow through with scheduling). Calendly’s FB Ads integration has changed over time so I’m not 100% sure if right now you can optimize for the actual meeting being scheduled or not, but you don’t need to worry about that right now, right now you just want people CLICKING the “schedule call” button on the website. Also FB Ads now calls a “conversion” campaign a “Sales” campaign, don’t be fooled by the name, your “sale” is clicking that button so you still want to use a Sales Campaign in FB.