Hi to everyone. My names Alice and I am a Ukrainia...
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Hi to everyone. My names Alice and I am a Ukrainian refugee. While Russia is bombing our cities and villages, we are forced to flee abroad to defend ourselves. But even here there is great danger. We, Ukrainian women and girls, risk becoming victims of sexual and labor slavery and human trafficking. And such cases, unfortunately, have been recorded in Poland. A glaring case where a 49-year-old Pole raped 19 Ukrainian women. At the border, volunteers find many suspicious men every day who offer money, housing and transportation to Ukrainian women. These men do not have any official documents confirming that they are benefactors. Most likely, these are pimps who lure scared women in this way. I want to protect Ukrainian women from prostitution, forced begging, and physical violence. That's why I'm looking for caring people who can help and donate as much as they can. The funds will be used to provide logistics staffs at the borders for our volunteers, print and give flyers with information of all possible options where refugees can receive help, help with providing for women and children the humanitarian help and necessary equipment for normal life. #They_need_your_help For help raise funds: https://giveback.co.il/project/67717 Here is information about my project: https://www.linkedin.com/company/safeway-women-children https://www.facebook.com/protectuawomen https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI_L5nDv9flZBIgNua0cQFw Article: https://www.geektime.com/code4ukraine-israeli-hackathon-ukraine/