I am the founder of an online solar investing comp...
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I am the founder of an online solar investing company, Legends Solar. We recently launched a growth marketing site to promote our pre-release product (www.Legends.Solar). We launched on Hacker News and lead Hacker News all day. We launched on Product Hunt and we were featured on their newsletter the next day, generating 10s of thousands of hits. And we are just two weeks in! My background is in product design and brand strategy, and I think the discipline with which I’ve honed our message and visual communication style has helped get Legends Solar to resonate with a large audience. I am looking for ways to expand my reach and get more people to ‘claim early access’ to Legends Solar by ‘reserving panels’. I am exploring paid social media, as well as other channel. I’ve only got three people on my team, so its gotta be super lean, but I’ll be excited to hear any thoughts from this community.