This week on the Product Marketing Show, our found...
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This week on the Product Marketing Show, our founder Rish had the pleasure of interacting with Jimmy Daly, Cofounder and CEO at Superpath, to discuss product marketing and its impact deep on any company 🤝:office: Tune in to the podcast to hear Jimmy Daly talk about which type of content works in which part of the marketing funnel, social proof and video case studies - where do you use them, where has he seen the highest returns on investment, how is product marketing increasingly contributing to product content, common pitfalls while writing knowledge base articles, quick and dirty short form videos - do they work for B2B businesses, advice for young software companies and so much more 👨‍💻 Down below is a short clip from this insightful podcast! Catch the FULL EPISODE of this podcast on our YouTube channel here: