# share-what-you-are-working-on

Deedee Olsen

07/20/2022, 9:48 PM
Hey all! Deedee Olsen, Head of Product at Clever FM here! We are piloting a new product we've been cooking up - community pages with Audio-friendly AMAs. 📢 This informal type of Q&A provides a fun and interactive experience on a webpage that allows podcast listeners to ask hosts anything about a topic of their choice. We've taken this engagement style a step further by creating an audio-first version of the AMA, purpose-built for podcast listeners. We are offering a free one-month trial to the first 15 hosts, and would love to talk to any hosts about getting a community page setup ASAP. If you are a host, or know any hosts, please either send me their details or have them schedule a call with me. More info is also available on our website: Thank you so much! 🙏