Want to cover your bases for customer success this...
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Want to cover your bases for customer success this weekend? 🤝🏢 Our illuminating show ‘New Things in Customer Education’ is now available on Spotify and Anchor with all 36 episodes!:radio: Hop on to our podcast to get an insight on what's making an impact in the customer success world, actionable strategies, expert experiences, and some groundbreaking advice from the likes of Courtney Sembler, Nate Brown, Giordanna Cullen, Kirk Werner, Chris Prather, Erin Lewis, Guy Lever, and so many more. Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/1187KaLv34TuwlTuhCGJ8a Anchor: https://anchor.fm/content-beta-cs Rish, Founder & CEO at Content Beta, hosts two podcasts - The Product Marketing Show and New Things in Customer Education Show- with thought-leaders and experts of the industry discussing how to strategize, scale and grow with product marketing and customer education.