We're excited to share that Growth Channel Activat...
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We're excited to share that Growth Channel Activate v2.1 is now available for advertisers and agencies to experience the new level of programmatic ads 🎉 https://www.loom.com/share/5e0f480e6a4d4696bac4800a14d7ab06 If you want to go beyond traditional social and search advertising channels, programmatic is a great solution, especially when it's as easy & (even more) flexible than when launching your ads on Facebook & Google. Growth Channel currently supports programmatic ads across 150+ channels incl. native, CTV/OTT, digital OOH, audio, in-app ads, and web display with no minimum ad spend requirements. If you want to learn more about Growth Channel or test some of your programmatic ad campaigns on our platform, DM me or visit growthchannel.com for more information.
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