Hi all, Hiring for Product / Content Marketing Ma...
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Hi all, Hiring for Product / Content Marketing Managers/Dir. (8yrs+) at DataWeave - eCommerce Intelligence SaaS. Also, hiring for Lead Gen Manager (5 yrs+) and Inside Sales Reps ( 1- 3 yrs.) We are growing fairly fast - currently at 16M USD ARR and should have the Unicorn tag soon. This one is an awesome opportunity. DM me or drop me a note at abhinav.gupta@dataweave.com. Happy to share JD as well. Thanks, https://dataweave.com/in/home
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Hi @Abhinav Kumar Gupta You might require a content specialist under the PMM/CMM. Hiring an agency that brings in copywriters, UX writers, designers and animators/video editors- to help your product marketing manager can also be a good idea. In case that’s the path you take - I can help you. We at Content Beta are a video-design-audio studio and we’ve helped 80+ B2B software companies create creatives for scaling product marketing content and videos. We are hassle-free, affordable and deliver fast. We can help you with everything - graphic posts, social media clips, display ads, video ads, UI animation, video scripts, presentation design and creating full-fledged product videos to podcast edits, creating infographics, GIFs, motion design and social media shorts for your FB, IG and Google ads. We even have great subscription models - Fixed monthly costs. No contract. Cancel anytime. Happy to set up a free trial. Here’s the link: https://www.contentbeta.com/content-studio/