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Jordan H (open for work)

09/06/2022, 1:21 PM
My latest article! What does everyone think?
Gate-keeping in technology is an issue that needs more attention. It discourages junior developers from learning; limits companies from hiring; and creates a toxic atmosphere that stifles innovation, collaboration, and growth.
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Joana Donkova

09/06/2022, 1:46 PM
Definitely a topic that needs to be addressed. Good job!
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Isidora Mrković

09/06/2022, 1:53 PM
Great article, I found it easy to read. 👍 I am not a fan of linking words to a dictionary, is that like "your thing"? 😄 for example, I put links only when you can find more information about that term.

Jordan H (open for work)

09/06/2022, 2:21 PM
Ah, those were carried over from the original text I copied. I suppose it's a bit unnecessary. Thank you.
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