Hey folks, hope you are all doing well. I wanted ...
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Hey folks, hope you are all doing well. I wanted to share that we’ve just launched the private beta of OneCal. Would love it if you could test things out, give feedback and let us know what you think. The beta was launched yesterday, and you’ll be the first to use the site besides our team! OneCal is a productivity tool that helps you synchronize multiple calendars in real-time. It allows you to focus on your work instead of juggling meetings between your calendars. The motivation for building OneCal is that working as a freelancer and having multiple calendars made it difficult for my teammates to know my availability. I got to a point where I was not able to attend meetings because my teammates were scheduling events at the same time as the other events I was invited to in other calendars. We built OneCal with the sole purpose of making calendar synchronization as easy as possible. I’ve also prepared a demo, please check it out if the product seems interesting or useful to you: https://onecal.io/private-beta-demo Again, we are really looking forward to your feedback. If you cant to use the private beta, please ping me directly, or sign in on the website.