Hi, guys! Pre-seed/seed stage? What is your answer...
# share-what-you-are-working-on
Hi, guys! Pre-seed/seed stage? What is your answer to an investor's question about copyright protection? I'm co-founder and CTO of some startups, and it was a headache for me because we didn't have time and money for that. So I'm working on https://autoproof.dev - a service of automatic code protection without patent lawyers but blockchains and CI. You get API keys, connect your team's git repo or CI (like GitHub actions), and your code hashes will be stored in blockchains and protected. You can present it in a court dispute. Blockchain-oriented Autoproof is decentralized, independent of anyone, cryptographically protected, and impossible to fake. We work with both startups and accelerators as corporate customers. And now, we've opened pre-registration specifically for early birders. Once we start publicity, we are about to close startup registration and keep it for accelerators only. We bring you a half-year free plan if you are a startup while pre-registration. Add security and confidence in front of investors and get your code protected.
Interesting idea. “You can present it in a court dispute.” -> Compared to just presenting code with version control (git, github, etc), is the main advantage that this is “impossible to fake”? If so, is it currently a common objection that git history could have been faked? It seems like if you also have corroborating evidence like deployment logs or audit logs, that would already be convincing evidence, no?