:butter: Butter’s Collab Fest 2022 on September 14...
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🧈 Butter’s Collab Fest 2022 on September 14-15 🧈 Hey people, happy Friday! 👋 If you’re looking for insights and inspiration on how to improve the way your teams collaborate remotely, then this event might be for you. 🧠 We’re putting on a free two-day conference—Collab Fest 2022—at Butter that focuses on how to build culture, drive innovation, and accelerate growth in distributed teams—with a big focus using facilitation as a tool to unlock it. It will be hosted by our network of remote work superstars, innovation consultants, culture strategists, and expert facilitators! They’ll be sharing their tried-and-tested frameworks, tools, practical tips, and insights to improve how your teams can have more productive sessions and collaborate better in today’s distributed world. 🚀 It’s all hosted on Butter, which is a way more interactive and collaborative alternative to Zoom that helps you run more engaging sessions easily. Definitely worth checking it out for that alone. 😄 If this sounds interesting, then save your spot 👉 here 👈
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I think your product is cool. A lot of functions. I just have a quick feedback that your typography is hard to read, it is thin and a little bit small when reading on 2k screen
@Cheska Teresa Can you please post this in the #growth-events channel
I think is more appropriate for that channel