* :fire:LAUNCH ALERT :fire:* For the B2B sellers o...
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* 🔥LAUNCH ALERT 🔥* For the B2B sellers out here, we’ve heard you! It’s no secret your days get pretty busy - spending so much wasted time updating 10 different tools or chasing down information. It makes it difficult to focus on selling. It impacts your performance… Seeing fellow reps struggle & stress about missing quotas, I wanted to do something. That’s why we built Pod - a smart productivity workspace for account executives. We help reps simplify their workflows by giving them the tools and insights to more easily manage their pipeline. We’ve launched our solution few weeks ago and have already helped reps at CommandBar, UnitQ, Urbint, and Vention to close more deals and revops teams improve data hygiene, sales process compliance, and collaboration! If this resonates with you (or someone you know!), join the waitlist or shoot me a message! I’m super excited to chat with you’ll! 🙌🙌