H to all of you. Im George , CEO and founder of AD...
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H to all of you. Im George , CEO and founder of ADESPOTO ( Adespoto comes from the Ancient Greek ἀδέσποτος (adéspotos, “without master or owner”, of rumours or writings “anonymous”, “ungovernable”). ADESPOTO is a Decentralized Platform for Pets. We create your pets certificate as NFT and our main product is Pet Tag with blockchain data on ( NFT ). Every time you mint an NFT we give to charity food or other supplies. With over 1.3 billion pets residing in households across the world, it’s no surprise that pet parents are looking for new ways to make their beloved critters happy and healthy at home. In order to provide them with peace of mind, tech startup ADESPOTO is looking to put pets on the blockchain. you can find us on https://adespoto.finance ❤️
Welcome @Adespoto Pet NFT ✌️ Feel free to message me if you want to invite someone who could benefit from the community!