Hi everyone! I'm Matt. I just joined this commun...
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Hi everyone! I'm Matt. I just joined this community and started reading over some of the introductions and I'm blown away! You all are super talented and it's inspiring to me. My project is very simple in comparison. It's a classifieds style site to help business owners connect and trade needs, services, referrals, etc for their business. It's 100% free, no catches, trials or 30 day windows. 😊 I also launched a podcast to go with it where I feature a small business owner each episode. It's a person behind business sort of thing. If you'd like to be a guest and talk about your project, let me know! spacetradr.com anchor.fm/spacetradr
Hi @Matt This looks promising , I am the engineering lead at a startup that helps podcasters get their audio only content published to youtube We convert audio into visually enhanced videos Would love for you to try it out! You get 5$ signup credit https://www.adorilabs.com/adorivideo We are looking for feedback from podcasters so that we can make our experience much better as you know Youtube is launching a podcast only page as well youtube.com/podcasts (Currently only available in the US)
Hey @Matt, welcome aboard! 🙌You can explore and share your tips in the #growth-tips channel.